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Some babies improve from Erb's Palsy on their own; however, some may need treatment from a specialist. Neonatal or pediatric neurosurgery is regularly needed for avulsion fracture repair. Lesions may mend over time and function can return. Physiotherapeutic treatment is often necessary to regain usage of muscle. Although range of motion is regained in many children under one year in age, individuals who have not yet healed by this time will seldom gain full function in their arm and may develop arthritis.

The three most usual treatments for Erb's Palsy are: Nerve transfers (typically from the opposite leg), Sub Scapularis releases and Latissimus Dorsi Ligament Transfers. The nerve transplants are generally performed on babies under the age of 9 months because the rapid development of infants increases the effectiveness of the procedure. They are not regularly performed on patients older than this because, although the nerves of small babies can mend to a degree, when the procedure is done on older infants, nerve damage can occur in the area where the nerves were taken from, causing more harm than relief. Scarring can differ from faint scars along the lines of the neck to full "T" shapes across the entire shoulder depending on the kind of transplant.

Sub-scapularis releases, however, are not time sensitive. Since the procedure merely involves cutting a "Z" shape into the sub-scapularis muscle to allow stretch within the arm, it can be done at almost any age and may be performed repeatedly on the same arm. This release will, however, compromise the integrity on the muscle.

The Latissimus Dorsi Tendon Transfer requires splitting the Latissimus Dorsi in half horizontally in order to stretch part of the muscle around and join it to the outside of the biceps. The procedure allows external rotation to differing degrees of success. A side effect of this may be enhanced sensitivity on the biceps where the muscle will now lie as the Latissimus Dorsi has nearly twice the quantity of nerve endings per square inch than other muscles.

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